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Today there are multiple ways to create a “write once, run anywhere” mobile application. The benefits of cross-platform apps are obviously the cost and portability. Writing a code once requires less efforts and specific skills than building a separate app for each and every mobile platform. If an update is required, you test and update the single app instead of modifying several apps for different operating systems.

  • Ionic/Cordova Hybrid Mobile Apps

    This approach includes designing a regular responsive web app by using the components provided by Ionic framework.

    Cordova wraps the app into a native container, thus that it could use the device native features, and as a result we get an app available for several operating systems, including iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform which are the most desirable ones.

  • Xamarin Mobile Apps

    An up and coming platform for building native >Android, iOS and Windows apps on top of shared C# code. Xamarin is a good fit for calculation-intensive apps with a standard UI.

    Microsoft regularly launches updates to various features of the platform. Xamarin Test Cloud provides great possibilities to test the app including automated testing.

  • ReactNative Mobile Apps

    A JavaScript based framework from Facebook. Although it is a relatively new option for cross-platform mobile applications development, today React Native allows building native applications for all the three major mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows. Like Xamarin, React Native renders UI using native components. React Native is characterized by all the features of React used in web development.

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