40ENTERPRISE has considerable experience in various industries, which allows us to offer our customers a full range of professional services, regardless of the direction of business and the form of ownership of the company.

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile and desktop applications for image and speech recognition, search systems and video capture.

AR/VR & 3D

Using AR and VR technology we develop libraries of 3D models and software applications for object and processes visualization in different industries.

Fintech & Banking

Online and mobile applications for personal finance management, personalized services for buying/selling bitcoins, systems for microcrediting.


A set of software solutions for: end users, system integrators, manufacturers of equipment and machinery. We develop software for creating robots from scratch, managing them and introducing them into everyday life.


Digital transformation is meant for automotive manufacturing, connecting and digitizing automotive operations (automotive ERP, ADAS, HMI etc.)


Software for modeling and configuration of the park of power generating equipment on renewable energy sources. Automated management of the fleet of installations.


Sites and virtual shops, software tools for managing Internet sales, digitization (automation) and promotion and advertising and marketing campaigns (events).


Support for storage in terabytes, petabytes and more through the use of distributed computing technologies, data mining and simple statistics.


Systems that implement the tasks of cleaning and consolidating of incoming data in a single repository, converting data into convenient format for analysis (multidimensional data, business graphics, etc.).


Modern convenient user tools for creating and managing various web applications: from business card websites to online stores and multi-sites.


Digital campus platform, integrated e-learning systems, multimedia and/or webcast functionality.


Generating SW code to meet size and speed constraints, Integrating and customizing generated code to leverage hardware capabilities.


Software in payment systems of terminal equipment (Internet acquiring) in various spheres of sale of services and goods: retail and wholesale trade, railway and air ticket sales, theater and concert tickets, etc. Issuance, processing and accounting of tickets and fiscal documents.


Applications that allow you to create various models of building objects and engineering structures, create elements of the landscape and interior both at the level of professionals and at the level of amateurs.


Solutions for trucking, air and railway companies from data management systems (collection, processing, reporting) to complex business analysis and software for payment systems.


Systems for monitoring and analyzing company data in various areas of its activities: from monitoring the operating condition of the equipment park to KPI and joint management decision-making.


Information and entertainment web sites, mobile and VR-applications in various areas: virtual museums, information retrieval systems of places for recreation and entertainment, specialized online messengers and multi-user planners, etc.


Applications (AR / DeskTop / Mobile) for the planning and organization of art events: intelligent layout of exhibition expositions, modeling of fashion and art shows, creating a calendar of events and notifying the target audience.


Desktop games and games for mobile devices - individual and team (online), role-playing and non-role, for children and adults, of various genres: strategy, auto racing, quests, puzzles, etc.


Complex solutions for medical industry and personal healthcare network service (EHR/EMR, ECM, PACS, RIS, CRM and Loyaltyand etc.).


Creation and animation of 3D models of any complexity for different spheres: engineering and architectural projects, interior design, healthcare, games, etc.

GPS data & MAPS

Software for managing and analyzing data from satellites. Creation of panoramic images and formation of interactive panoramas and virtual tours, connecting them to the map.


Electronic diaries for large branched companies: personal calendars of employees and workings on one (corporate) calendar grid, schedule of personal and joint events, task pool and schedule of employees' presence, notifications of upcoming events, etc. Family and personal electronic diaries.


Software for optimization of recruitment which acts both as a comprehensive solution for the HR department employee, and as a universal tool for large recruitment agencies: publication and analysis of vacancies on popular sites, accounting information about candidates for position, interviews, recommendations, letters, etc.


IT-solutions of various levels for the wholesale and retail trade: from online stores and CMS to POS systems and systems for face recognition (artificial intelligence).


Creation of multi-user applications for exchanging and/or publishing information of various kinds between Internet users around the world: from messaging and exchanging of images, to the publication of holograms and synchronous interaction on access and processing of data in online mode.


Applications for travel agencies (maintaining a database of resorts, hotels, partners, tours, customers, accounting documentation and reporting, etc.) and users (search and comparison of tours, hotels, optimal prices, availability and cost of air tickets, etc.).


Trade logistics: Supply-chain management, stock and purchase order management, third-party ERP consulting and implementation, SRM, CRM.Solutions for transport logistics.


Web sites of sports clubs, applications to support the training process, calendars and planners of sports events both at the level of the region, and at the level of a separate sports club, etc.


Solutions for the telecom industry: Business Support System (BSS), Management Support System (MSS) and Operation Support System (OSS).